Resilience At Work Training

Course Objectives

“More than education, experience, or training individual levels of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. This is true in the cancer ward, true in the Olympics and true in the boardroom”
Harvard Business Review 2002.

Modern business environments are highly complex and uncertain. We are living in times of rapid change where ambiguity reigns supreme. Setbacks and failures are likely to impact us all at both the individual and organisational level. The ability to bounce back and even thrive in spite of setbacks or when experiencing high levels of pressure is what this training is about.

Mindtastic Resilience Training


Key Benefits
Who is it for?
Training Style
Key Content
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“Surprises are the new normal; Resilience is the New Skill” says Harvard Professor of Business Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Resilience is a skill that anyone can develop. Research has shown that people can become more resilient as their life progresses. This training provides a comprehensive set of skills and strategies for people to increase their resiliency and ability to respond effectively to the challenges of their work and life.

Resilience is not about being ‘tough’ or ‘macho’. People who ‘put on a brave face’ and ‘soldier on’ are often the ones to succumb to burnout and breakdown.Instead the resilience skills taught on this course give participants a solid foundation to not only withstand adversity but also to thrive and live happy and healthy lives.

This training is grounded in evidence-based approaches, including the trainer’s own research findings. Particular attention is paid to making sure participants have a clear and solid strategy for applying what they have learned in their work and life.

Key Benefits

This resilience training will enable a person to face pressure and challenge from a place of inner calm and a sense of competence. Our resilience course promotes emotional balance where emotions are fully experienced and used as a navigation aide in support of the achievement of goals.

The people who are trained in our resilience skills gain an understanding of the workings of the mind and attain a degree of Mind Mastery which enables them to stay on track regardless of any pitfalls they may encounter.

Our resilience training offers a powerful way to support your employees in expressing more of their full potential and contributing to your organisation in a fuller fashion.

Philosophy: this training is based on

  • A 5-year business school research project that studied resilient executives and identified the management strategies they all shared in order to perform well under pressure and thrive despite setbacks in life
  • Evidence-based approaches to building resilience from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional wellbeing research
  • Best practice from the field of peak performance research, management theory, and motivation

Who is it for?

Any staff member who would benefit from increasing their level of resilience and being able to work more effectively under pressure.

Training style

Grounded in evidence-based scientific research this training is highly interactive and focussed on providing practical strategies that participants can apply to their unique work and life situations. The trainer’s wealth of knowledge and experience of the subject means there is ample material to respond to whatever needs the group has.

Key content

  • What is Resilience: A comprehensive definition of resilience and the factors that influence it
  • Building Firm Foundations: The four essential pillars of resilience
  • Self-awareness and Emotions: how to relate to our emotions in a healthy way and gain greater impulse control
  • Mind Mastery: understand how our mind can enhance or sabotage our resilience and acquire skills to work with your mind effectively
  • Calm Under Pressure: techniques for maintaining your focus and achieving your objectives even when the pressure is high
  • Reframing adversity: the three things resilient people naturally do to rebound from difficulties and how you can do the same
  • Post-Traumatic Growth: understand the latest research findings about adversity and the factors that promote growth after adversity
  • The Dangers of Optimism: how to avoid the downside of optimism and replace it with something more powerful
  • Learning from Resilient Managers – what research findings show about how resilient professionals manage their working lives and how we can apply these finding to our own situations
  • Creating New Habits: Strategies to support people in applying the insights and tools they have learned over the longer-term

Please contact us and ask for the course brochure which provides the full content and further information

Course duration 1 90 minute presentations, 1/2-day training, or full-day training
Maximum number of delegates 15 for training, presentations can be any size

Course Availability

In House Course: this course is available to run in-house and can also be modified to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

One-to-One Coaching: we also offer individual coaching to assist staff members in building resilience and overcoming problems such as burnout or low mood. More information is found here.

Why Choose Us

Please see the training overview page to read about our training expertise and experience.


“The training was well above expectations. I learned how to become more resilient and manage the challenges I face far more effectively. Fantastic!” Ms JD, ARM Holdings

“It was different to other management courses I had attended in that it addressed the causes and made me question how I could change myself to deal with other people” Ms JD, CCSH

“The course was very useful in helping me to learn how to manage my workload better. It also showed me how to manage difficult situations rather than letting the situations manage me. I recommend it to all people working in a high-pressure  environment” Mr DM, Executive MBA candidate at CASS Business School

About Mindtastic

Mindtastic Training is a specialist firm that helps people increase resilience and wellbeing so they can cultivate peak performance, enhance mental agility, have greater capacity to respond to pressure, and enhance health.

Our training, coaching, and classes enable you to respond to work and life challenges with greater competence and equanimity thereby promoting peak performance and organisational effectiveness.

To find out more about what we do and how we do it please visit this page. We are always happy to have an informal chat to address any questions you might have and to see how we can assist you. Call us during normal office hours or send us a message here.

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