Mindfulness At Work Training

Course Objectives

This course gives delegates a range of key mindfulness practices which they will be able to apply to their work and personal lives straight after the training. The theory behind mindfulness and the benefits offered from regular practice are also discussed. Emphasis is placed on how delegates can improve their performance and manage their mental and emotional wellbeing effectively by adapting the mindfulness techniques to their unique circumstances.


Key Benefits
Who is it for?
Training Style
Key Content
Why Choose Us


We get instruction in how to use all of our high-tech gadgets but we don’t get instruction on how to manage the most powerful instrument of all: the human mind. The mind is capable of wonderful things but it can also have a tendency to behave in ways which are not conducive to peak performance or high levels of wellbeing.

Mindfulness training offers an incredibly powerful approach to developing our mental capabilities, promoting emotional balance and boosting physical vitality. Research has shown that people who regularly practice mindfulness are happier, perform better, have greater resilience to stress, and enjoy healthier relationships. Many of these benefits accrue within weeks of regular practice.

You can read more about what mindfulness is and the benefits it offers on this page.

Key Benefits

Mindfulness improves mental performance. Scattered minds become focussed with the ability to concentrate for longer periods and make better decisions. Creativity is also enhanced. Mindfulness improves emotional wellbeing so people experience greater ease and balance even in the face of challenging times. Mindfulness improves physical wellbeing by boosting energy and vitality and making us more aware of our body’s needs. All of these benefits translate into better work performance and higher job satisfaction.


  • An extensive body of academic research which supports the benefits of mindfulness practice for mental performance, emotional wellbeing, physical health and more
  • Recent developments from the field of neuroscience which show that mindfulness practice produces positive changes in the structure and functioning of the brain
  • The trainer’s personal practice of mindfulness and professional training as a Mindfulness Teacher, meaning she has ample experience to share with delegates

Who is it for?

Any member of staff who would like to improve their mental abilities and emotional wellbeing and experience greater awareness of life.

Training Style

This is a highly practical training which focusses on giving delegates the key skills necessary for them to develop their own mindfulness practice. There is plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques and for people to address any issues or questions that may arise. Emphasis is placed on integrating mindfulness skills into daily life. Delegates receive a workbook called ‘Integrating Mindfulness into Work and Life’ which contains several practical exercises and strategies to support the delegate as he or she develops mindfulness as an on-going habit.

The trainer has been practicing mindfulness for a great number of years and is in the final stage of her professional training to become a fully qualified Mindfulness Teacher. This means delegates receive top-level instruction in the topic. This course adheres to the UK recommendations for best practice in teaching mindfulness set by UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations.

Key Content

  • The theory and philosophy of mindfulness
  • Research findings on the benefits of practicing mindfulness
  • The positive effects of mindfulness on the brain and body
  • Learn and practice key mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Learn effective ways to become more mindful during the working day
  • Recommendations for spreading mindfulness practices within your team
  • Ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine over the coming weeks and months
  • A workbook filled with mindfulness exercises, a suggested practice plan, and useful tools to monitor and track your progress

Course duration 1 day
Maximum number of delegates 10

Course Availability

Open/Public Course: We currently offer Mindfulness Training at central locations in London, Manchester, and Bristol. Please see our calendar for dates and availability.

In House Course: this course is available to run in-house and can also be modified to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

One-to-One Coaching: we also offer individual coaching in mindfulness. More information is found here.

Why Choose Us

Please see the training overview page to read about our training expertise and experience.

About Mindtastic

Mindtastic Training is a specialist firm that helps people increase resilience and wellbeing so they can cultivate peak performance, enhance mental agility, have greater capacity to respond to pressure, and enhance health.

Our training, coaching, and classes enable you to respond to work and life challenges with greater competence and equanimity thereby promoting peak performance and organisational effectiveness.

To find out more about what we do and how we do it please visit this page. We are always happy to have an informal chat to address any questions you might have and to see how we can assist you. Call us during normal office hours or send us a message here.

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