What we do

We offer coaching in two principle areas: wellness and peak performance. Wellness coaching concentrates on promoting the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the individual thereby reducing the risk of burnout or illness. Peak performance coaching focuses on improving mental agility so that decision-making, productivity, and creativity are enhanced.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is designed to educate, inspire, and motivate the individual to achieve significant improvement in his/her wellbeing. The coachee receives a comprehensive Wellness Assessment which addresses strengths and weaknesses in physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The coach then works in partnership with the person to develop wellbeing goals and offers specific protocols to achieve them. The coachee receives ample resources (e.g. handouts) to support the changes being undertaken.


Some of the Issues Addressed

  • Burnout prevention
  • Burnout recovery
  • Weight management
  • Lack of energy
  • Mild depression
  • Anxiety and stress symptoms
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic physical problems that may be affecting performance (e.g. migraine, headache, or digestive complaints)

Benefits to the individual

  • Guidance and accountability to support and achieve the desired changes
  • Greater knowledge and self-awareness leading to better behaviours
  • Increased energy to get more done
  • Handle day to day work demands and pressures effectively
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing means more motivation, enhanced confidence, better interpersonal relationships, and improved performance
  • Reduced risk of burnout or serious illness such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer

Benefits to the organisation

  • Reduced absenteeism from sickness and staff turnover
  • Reduced stress among employees
  • Lowered healthcare costs
  • Healthier, happier, motivated, and more productive staff

“I found my consultation with Dawn very helpful. It has made a real difference to my energy levels and my well-being. In particular her observations on what to do to keep my energy and mood high during the winter have made a huge difference” Tony C, Director of a Golf Coaching Company

Peak Performance Coaching

Peak performance coaching is designed to assist the person in developing greater mental agility and ability. The coachee completes a comprehensive Peak Performance Assessment which assesses mental wellbeing. The coach works in partnership with the individual to design a bespoke Mental Agility Programme consisting of lifestyle changes combined with certain brain fitness methods (the ‘brain fitness methods’ are not the same as ‘brain exercises’ offered on numerous websites). The coachee is supported throughout the coaching period with clear strategies and resources to support the implementation of the programme and ensure that results are achieved.

Some of the issues addressed

  • Poor concentration
  • Poor attention and focus
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulties with thought impulse control
  • Overwhelm
  • Decreased problem-solving abilities
  • Brain ‘fog’ or ‘fuzzy’ mind

Benefits to the individual

  • Greater ability to handle work demands
  • Clearer thinking processes enabling improved performance
  • Enhanced creativity and problem solving
  • Ability to make better decisions
  • Capable of sustaining concentration, attention, and focus for longer periods of time

Benefits to the organisation

  • Productivity of staff members is enhanced
  • Quality of work is improved
  • Greater staff commitment to organisational goals and targets

“I was spending a lot of money seeing a doctor and taking medication with side effects but nothing was changing. The simple changes Dawn recommended have pretty much solved the problem” Brendan C, Accountant, Seattle

To find out more about our coaching programmes and see how we can assist you please contact us for a friendly, informal, and no-obligation chat.

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