MindSpace: 30 minutes to Better Performance at Work

MindSpace classes are fabulous for improving employee performance and wellbeing. Each session creates immediate beneficial change in a participant’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In just 30mins people feel physically invigorated, emotionally calm and balanced, and mentally alert and focussed. MindSpace classes are held at your premises and are also a great way to promote team building and employee morale.

Boost Performance and Wellbeing
Tailor Made to your Requirements
How, When, and Where
Experience a Complimentary Class

A MindSpace class combine a range of evidence-based mind-body techniques. Each class is designed to promote a particular response in attendees. For example, a class held in the morning will be designed to promote mental alertness and physical vitality thereby preparing people to perform at their best. A class held in the afternoon focusses instead on releasing stress and recharging mental and physical energy so that people return to their activities refreshed and with a ‘second wind’ for the work ahead (an afternoon class is a highly effective tonic for avoiding the typical afternoon slump).

MindSpace is very gentle and safe and suitable for all. No special clothing or equipment is required. Classes are held at your premises and can be conducted in participants normal office space.

Boost Performance and Wellbeing

All elements of the classes are evidence-based approaches which are known to offer multiple benefits for performance and wellbeing. There are immediate physiological changes – such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate and a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol. Plus there are neurological changes including a shift in brain activity which results in improved focus and concentration. In the longer-term the classes give people greater resilience to stress, enhanced physical immunity, and promote healthier lifestyle habits overall.

Tailor Made to your Requirements

Perhaps you want a pick-me-up class to boost performance in the afternoons. Or maybe you need support for a particular team who are undergoing a period of high stress due to the demands of an impending project deadline. You tell us your requirements and we will design the perfect sequence(s) for you. Here are some ideas of the type of routines we provide.

Awake and Invigorated

Create a state of physical vitality, an alert and focussed mind, and an enthusiastic yet calm mood. Ideal for mornings, participants are ready to meet the demands of the day with energy, ease and motivation.

Recharged and Refreshed

The perfect antidote to the afternoon. Replenish energy levels and stimulate concentration and focus. People are de-stressed, fully refreshed and able to perform at their best for the rest of the day. Great for lunchtimes or mid-afternoon.

Stress Free, Calm, and Balanced

For staff members who are experiencing a period of high pressure. People release stress symptoms, recharge physical energy, and boost immunity (which is often challenged by stress). They will have renewed concentration and motivation.


How, When, and Where

Classes take place at your premises. Each class is complete by itself and offers instant benefits meaning participants can attend on a drop-in basis and still get results. Optimum results are achieved when people attend each weekly session as benefits build over time. MindSpace classes are offered with flexible terms and are a highly cost-effective way of reducing healthcare costs, boosting productivity, and improving employee wellbeing. We offer ongoing assessment and monitoring so you can quantify the positive impact experienced by your staff.

Experience A Complimentary Class

Would you like to experience a MindSpace class to assess the benefits for yourself? We offer a limited number of complimentary sessions each month. Please contact us to find out more.


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