Calm Mind Meditation Class

Why come to a Calm Mind Meditation Class
What happens during a class
Is this class for me
How often should I come to class
Where and when do the classes take place

Why come to a Calm Mind Meditation Class

Modern life has created a unique set of challenges. We are working longer hours and the boundaries between work and non-work life have blurred. Juggling all of the demands that modern life places on us can leave us feeling frazzled and fatigued. Yet despite being tired many of us find it challenging to switch off our brains and get a good night’s sleep.

A Calm Mind Class allows you to reset your body, mind, and emotions. Using simple yet powerful strategies from the fields of meditation and energy medicine you will:

  • Give your brain the chance to reboot and emerge at the end of the class with your thinking clearer and focussed
  • Release stress and tension from your body, which instigates relaxation as well as activating your body’s self-healing mechanisms
  • Balance your emotions so that you experience a sense of calm and peace

Calm Mind Meditation Classes give you greater abilities to handle the stresses and pressures in your life so that you more likely to remain full of energy and physically healthy, experience balanced positive emotions, and keep your mind functioning sharply.

A large body of research has found numerous benefits from practicing meditation. These include more mental focus and creativity, less stress and anxiety, better pain management, and less susceptibility to colds and flu. People who meditate regularly report higher levels of happiness.

What happens during the class?

A Calm Mind Meditation Class lasts for 90mins. The classes are always small and the atmosphere is friendly. Each class is unique as it focusses on providing the best meditation and mind-body practices needed by those who are attending.

To access deeper states of meditation you need to use an integrated mind-body approach. So the first part of the class involves methods to assist your body to release stress and rebalance itself. These are simple practices that we can all do and most are done while you are seated on a chair.

We may also incorporate some self-healing methods based on energy medicine. For example, if you arrive at the class with a headache Dawn can show you some natural strategies (such as holding specific acupuncture points) to help to ease the headache.

This means that when we start the actual meditation practice you are mentally, emotionally, and physically already in a more balanced place than when you arrived so you gain much more benefit from the practice than you would otherwise.

The meditation practice is a seated practice, usually involving normal chairs (no need to sit in Lotus Position unless you want to). The practices come from Mindfulness and other meditation traditions. There is at least one Mindfulness practice in each class along with one or two other meditation techniques, depending on the group need.

You are guided through each meditation practice by Dawn and there is the opportunity to share your experience with the group afterwards. Sharing your experiences with others and listening and learning from what other people share is an important part of the class.

There is no way you can get meditation ‘wrong’ but as it is an inner experience the sharing is a valuable resource for developing your practice. An experienced teacher has travelled the ‘inner map’ and therefore can guide you on your own journey.

Dawn also gives you some suggestions on how to include these practices into your daily life such as short meditation practices you can do at work and strategies to develop a regular practice at home.

Is this class for me?

If you are a complete beginner to meditation then this class is ideal as you will be given step-by-step instruction. You will be guided and supported as you progress on your own unique inner journey. If you have learned meditation elsewhere then come and experience these approaches as they may offer you an alternate perspective.


How often should I come to class?

It is a drop-in class so come along and see if it is for you. Each week we will practice slightly different techniques. Coming regularly offers the most benefits and will help you in integrating what you learn into your daily life.

Who takes the class?

Your meditation guide is Dawn Hamilton. Dawn started her meditation through yoga, which she discovered as a teenager. Over the years she has trained in a number of different meditation methods and been on several meditation retreats in India and Thailand.

She discovered Mindfulness-based practices in 1997 and has been using these approaches in her teaching and personal life since then. She is committed to always improving her skills and depth of knowledge so she recently took a Mindfulness Teacher Training programme.

Dawn spent 3 years learning from Isobel Maxwell-Cade, a Biofeedback expert who uses EEG equipment to monitor brainwave states. Under the guidance of Isobel, Dawn practiced meditation and learned how different meditative states influenced her brain activity.

Deeper meditative states are typically associated with slower-frequency Theta brainwaves whilst normal waking consciousness is usually faster-frequency Beta. When experiencing Theta meditative states people often report receiving insights (‘aha’ moments) and greater creativity.

Dawn has gained lots of experience of the inner world of meditation from her personal years or practice as well as nearly two decades of sharing different meditation practices with diverse groups of people.

She is therefore very knowledgeable about the stumbling blocks to building a personal meditation practice and has a range of tools and strategies to enable you to smoothly traverse these challenges as you develop your own practice.

Where and when are the classes held?

Calm Mind Meditation Classes are held in various venues in and around Central London, North London, and Hertfordshire. To find out more details please email us.

If you have any questions or just want to touch base with Dawn to find out more about her approach you can call her on 07790 67787807790 677878.



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