Think Smart Brain Fitness Training

Course Objectives

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing environment it is essential we keep our mental faculties functioning at tiptop levels. This course provides delegates with a host of strategies to do just that. This course is facilitated by a trainer who is a specialist in the field and who is also a member of Mensa.

Key Benefits
Who is it for?
Training Style
Key Content
Why Choose Us


In our knowledge economy the ability to think clearly, quickly and intelligently is crucial to maintaining our competitive edge. With ever-increasing volumes of information plus continual innovation and change our brains have never had to work as hard as they do today.

This training will help delegates to up their game to meet these demands and sustain peak performance in spite of these challenges.

Emphasis is placed on ensuring delegates have a clear strategy for applying what they learn to their work situation immediately and over the long-term.

Key Benefits

Delegates will acquire a range of skills to sharpen concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities, as well as learn how to eradicate poor mental habits and mental overwhelm. Lifestyle factors, including the building blocks of brain health, are discussed so delegates know how to keep their brain healthy for life. These skills will enhance decision making abilities and improve overall job performance.

Philosophy: this training is based on

  • The latest developments from the field of neuroscience
  • Research on how mindfulness practices affect the brain and performance
  • Management studies on developing peak performance
  • Up to date knowledge from the health and wellbeing arenas

Who is it for?

Any staff member who would benefit from enhancing mental functioning and improving performance.

Training style

This training is focussed on skill-building and uses a variety of approaches including practical exercises, individual assessments, learning games, and trainer input. Its highly interactive nature allows ample time to address the individual concerns of each delegate. The trainer is an expert in the field and thus has ample material to respond to individual needs.

Key content

  • How new technology can negatively impact brain functioning and what to do about it
  • Ways to break poor mental habits such as distractedness or procrastination
  • Tactics to overcome poor impulse control
  • The 4 categories of essential ‘must-do’s’ to keep the brain healthy
  • Brain building blocks: what foods to eat and what to avoid to optimize your brain
  • How to calm an overactive mind
  • Ways to enhance creativity, learning, and problem-solving
  • Time to develop a personal action plan to ensure delegates apply the strategies and tools they have learned

Course duration 90 minute presentations, 1/2-day training, or full-day training

Maximum number of delegates Training maximum of 15, presentations can be any size

Course Availability

In House Course: this course is available to run in-house and can also be modified to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

One-to-One Coaching: we also offer individual coaching to assist staff members in improving brain fitness and performance. More information is found here.

Why Choose Us

Please see the training overview page to read about our training expertise and experience.


“I thought the training style was excellent. Not only were we provided with a lot of information there was a lot of group participation which increases concentration and interest” Fiona M, Smith and Williamson

“Dawn has a lot of experience in this field. I liked the way she could draw conclusions from her own research and she had a genuine enthusiasm for it” Mr RC, TecTrade

About Mindtastic

Mindtastic Training is a specialist firm that helps people increase resilience and wellbeing so they can cultivate peak performance, enhance mental agility, have greater capacity to respond to pressure, and enhance health.

Our training, coaching, and classes enable you to respond to work and life challenges with greater competence and equanimity thereby promoting peak performance and organisational effectiveness.

To find out more about what we do and how we do it please visit this page. We are always happy to have an informal chat to address any questions you might have and to see how we can assist you. Call us during normal office hours or send us a message here.

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